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To spread awareness of osteoporosis disease and prevent unnecessary suffering through widespread education, resources and diagnosis.


We exist to spread awareness of osteoporosis disease and to prevent unnecessary suffering through widespread education, accessible resources and radical advocacy.

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The Texas Osteoporosis Foundation strives to make bone health an essential part of the doctor/patient dialogue.  When it is the silent factor, the impact is devastating.  Our focus and presence revolves around bringing this simple conversation to the fore -preventing unnecessary suffering.

TOF Interview with Dr. Beth Kitchin
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Bone Health

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Get Involved

Whether you have osteoporosis or know someone who does, you can take part in our vision of ending unnecessary suffering caused by osteoporosis.  See how you can be a part of the solution. 

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Tell us your story

Bones, bones and more bones…we all have them!  Whether a narrative of hope or a cautionary tale, take a moment to share your story.  

Your Story Matters

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"I shattered my shoulder and had reverse shoulder replacement with a prosthesis.  I am a bionic woman…or I like how my grandson’s say it, “a super hero robot grandma......”

Ann Box

San Antonio, Texas

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We'd Love to Hear From You!

Whether you want to get involved, are curious about upcoming events, or just want to stay in the loop on bone health essentials, fill out the form below to help us better serve you.  

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